About Me

First name:Beat
Last name:Felber
Year of birth:1979 - LEGO released the famous 856 Technic Bulldozer.
Location:A small town in the northernmost part of Switzerland, close to the Swiss-German border.
How I look?See my selfportrait on the left. It shows me standing next to the cab of a Caterpillar 980C wheel loader in a quarry near the village I grew up.
If you want to see a picture that shows a bit more of my person have a look either at the Mountaineer or the Hercules page respectively.
My first model:See pic below
My favorite LEGO themes:Used to be Technic and the former Model Team series. Nowadays I am looking more into bulk parts and sets of any themes that contain the material I need for a certain creation.
Number of parts:Ever growing - makes keeping track of it impossible. I estimate it to be in the region of 200'000 to 300'000 parts.

My first model

Here you can see my first model. Well, my first LEGO parts were a DUPLO car and a nice little fig. So this is not quite my first model, but it shows that I was already interested in transportation and engineering in my early years. And so I am still now.