Pneumatic Truck with Code Pilot

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Pneumatic Truck with Code Pilot, picture 1


  • Front wheels steerable by flashlight
  • Support legs for crane application
  • Fully Pneumatic controlled crane arm with grab
  • Electric compressor, activated with touch sensor
  • Dumpable platform
  • V8 engine driven by rear axles

This model is a mixture between the 8479 Borcode Truck and the 8868 Compressor Truck. It is used as a heavy duty towing tractor for heavy transports.
On the platform additional weight can be placed to improve traction of the rear axles which are connected to a V8 engine.

Pneumatic Truck with Code Pilot, picture 2

Picture #2 shows the platform in dumped position. The Pneumatic lever for this function is right behind the turntable of the crane.
The levers for the crane functions are on the left and right side of the cabin - in the same place as in model 8868. The whole crane arm is similar to the one in the original Compressor Truck.
Air comes from an electric compressor which is driven by the Code Pilot unit. Two touch sensors - one on each side - are mounted to activate airflow. The Code Pilot is programmed to generate truck sound when touch sensors are released and to drive the compressor motor and generate truck sound when one or both of the sensors are pressed.

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