Boomlift Truck

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Boomlift Truck, picture 1


  • Steerable front wheels on the tractor
  • Working trailer coupling
  • Boomlift liftable in two stages
  • Extendable upper half of lift arm
  • Revolving lift arm
  • Support legs like in official model 8854 (Pneumatic crane)

This is an early model which has some techniques in common with the second mobile crane model.
First there are the same supporting legs which are adjustable independently on the left and right side. I copied them from the 8854 Pneumatic crane model. These legs are strong enough to support the weight of the trailer and lift it off the ground.
The lifting mechanism of the two halfs of the lift arm is the same as in the second mobile crane. A smaller boom is lifted by a pulley and lifts itself the main boom. The upper half of the arm is extendable by a gear rack. The working platform just hangs on the telescopic part of the lift arm, so it stays always horizontal.
The whole arm can be revolved by a crank which is located at the back end of the trailer.
The trailer is attached to the tractor by a coupling which can release the trailer by pulling a lever.
The tractor features steerable front wheels.

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