Swiss Crocodile Locomotive

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Crocodile Locomotive, picture 1


  • Synchronous drive of all axles by bar linkages
  • Detailed interior with Operator figure
  • Detailed equipment on the roof with working pantograph

This is a model of the famous Swiss Crocodile Locomotive which was used to pull heavy freight trains on the Gotthard route over the ramp. The original machines were in it's early version brown and the later ones were green.
Because I don't have enough green parts I built this model in blue. Perhaps I will build a second version of it when I will have enough of these parts.

Crocodile Locomotive, picture 2

Instead of train wheels I used the ones which were used in the early Model Team models. There are two independent halfs with four axles each which are connected by the machine house. To drive all axles expect the first and the last one synchronous, bar linkages were used.
The coupling with the car I've done with a simple Technic universal joint.

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