Agricultural Crawler Tractor with Grain Trailer

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Crawler Tractor, picture 1


  • Electrical drive with two motors for all functions
  • Two independently driven and suspended crawlers
  • Lift arm for agricultural tools
  • Delivery axle to drive additional tools
  • Trailer coupling
  • Two speed gear box
  • Openable hood and door
  • Fully detailed operators cabin

This model of an agricultural tractor features many fuctions which are all driven by the same two motors. At the front end there are two 9V motors which drive the same axle to get more power. Above the motors under the hood there is a battery box.
When using the tractor you have to open the hood and activate power.

Crawler Tractor, picture 2

First you can choose the speed with a gear box with two speeds and a neutral position. Then you can move the model by selecting independently the direction of rotation of the two crawlers: forward - stop - backwards. This allows the model to move forward and backwards as well as doing curves and turn on place. The direction of revolution of the two motors never has to be changed.
There are six levers in the cab. One for the gear box, two for the crawlers, two for the lift arm and one for the delivery axle.
When using an additional tool, it can be moved in vertical direction by selecting with the first lever either upwards or downwards. The second lever is used to operate the brake mechanism which is needed to avoid that a heavy tool will fall down. With the lever for the delivery axle it is possible to give power at a constant rate to a trailer or a tool.

Crawler Tractor, picture 3

The crawlers are made of two Technic link chains which are connected with 1' by 6' plates side by side. They are driven by the front 40 teeth gears. At the back I use wheels of the size 81.6 x 34 ZR without tyres.
To make the model look more realistic I added lighting and a detailed cab interior as well as railings beside the cab and air intake and exhaust pipes.
A grain trailer can be coupled to the tractor. It features an archimedic spiral to empty it which is driven by the delivery axle of the tractor.

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