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Dragster, picture 1


  • Front wheels suspended independently
  • Rear axle suspended
  • Steerable front wheels
  • Working V4 engine drives rear axle

This is an early model which I built soon after I got the 8838 motorcycle set. You can see the 81.6 x 15 wheels from this set on my dragster.
The front suspension is built after the one in the 8865 red Technic car as well as the construction of the engine.

Dragster, picture 2

Steering works with a gear rack which is operated by the wheel in the cabin.
The rear axle is suspended with four springs from the Technic car and with an additional four from the motorcycle. It is connected directly without a gearcase to the V4 engine. By moving the model around, the pistons will work and the fan will rotate.
The small wheels at the back end of the chassis are used when doing a quick start to protect the dragster from beeing damaged. The grey thing on the platform is made of four wheels of the size 20 x 30 and acts as a fuel tank.

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