Kalmar DC 42-1200 Forklift Truck

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Kalmar DC 42-1200, picture 1


Six electrically controlled functions:

  • Front axle driven
  • Rear wheels steerable
  • Liftable telescopic mast
  • Tilting of the mast
  • Variable distance of the forks, driven by two micromotors
  • Flashlight

This is a model after a real existing forklift truck. The Swedish firm Kalmar Industries, now belonging to Cargotec, manufactures heavy duty forklift trucks. My model is at the top end of the product range of Kalmar.

Kalmar DC 42-1200, picture 2

The picture on the right shows the model with fully extended mast. The mast is made of two pieces from which the outer is connected to the chassis. Extending works with a pulley.
When the inner part of the mast moves up or down, the forks move with the double speed in the same direction. They are linked with a link chain to the fixed part of the mast. Chain goes up and over wheels on the extending part down to the forks. The whole lifting mechanism just needs one motor.
With a second motor the mast can be tilted forward and backwards. This is used to move the center of gravity closer to the machine, when lifting heavy loads.

Kalmar DC 42-1200, picture 3

Picture #3 shows the front end of my model. Here you can see the two forks and the two micromotors. Each of them drives a threaded axle which itself moves one fork to the left or the right.
This makes it possible to select between various distances and lets the driver take the load where it fits best. Read more about this mechanism in the Building Hints section under threaded axles.

Kalmar DC 42-1200, picture 4

The back end of the model you can see on picture #4. Below the Kalmar logo is a trailer coupling.
The flashlight can be seen in this picture too. Right behind the drivers cab is the air filter unit and on the left the exhaust pipe.
The steering mechanism allows a great steering angle so that the forklift truck can take narrow curves. The driven front axle features three wheels on every side.
Now that I have eight wheels of the size 24x43 I will probably build this model with this size of wheels and with a mast that is extendable with gear racks instead of a pulley. You will read here when it's done.

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