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My Flickr! photo stream
My Brickshelf gallery
Bauma 2007 - Pictures from the worlds largest construction equipment trade fair which takes place every three years in Munich.

LEGO Group

LEGO - The official LEGO site
LEGO Store - Order sets and bulk bricks as well as merchandise directly from The LEGO Company - available in different countries, including Switzerland
educaTEC - The official Swiss dealer for LEGO Educational Division products - formerly known as LEGO Dacta

LEGO Fan Community

SwissLUG - The Swiss LEGO User Group where I am a member
ItLUG - Italian LEGO User Group
1000steine - German LEGO Forum
Brickshelf - Picture gallery covering all aspects of LEGO
LEGO Flickr group - Picture gallery covering all aspects of LEGO
LEGO Train MOCs Flickr group - All Train related Picture gallery
TechnicBRICKs Blog - Blog dedicated to the LEGO Technic theme
HispaBrick Magazine - A Spanish magazine from LEGO fans for LEGO fans
LDraw - THE source for virtual LEGO applications
Bricklink - The unofficial online LEGO shopping mall

Other LEGO Enthusiasts Sites

Brickshelf gallery of Beat Schuler, my LEGO buddy from SwissLUG. An ever-growing collection of construction equipment models all in the same scale as well as pictures from SwissLUG events.
LEGO Trucks & Heavy Equipment - By Dennis Bosman. Very impressive models in large scale. Really worth to have a look at it.
Texbrick - By T. J. Avery. Specialized in truss constructions. Thus bridges and cranes can be found here. Be sure to check the Marine Crane. - By Milan Mali. With a focus on trucks from eastern countries but also modern western construction equipment can be found here.
LEGO Construction Site - By Jennifer Clark. Smaller models with an incredible number of technical functions. Have a look at the Demag AC 50-1 mobile crane.
HoMa's World of Bricks - By Holger Matthes. Great train and architectural builder - nevertheless features a minifig scale model of a bucket wheel excavator.
LEGO Trucks & Cranes - By Anders Gaasedal. Truck and crane builder. Impressive Gottwald AK 850 which reaches a height of 4.8 meters with maximum boom combination. - By Raphael Oswald. 1 / 13 scale models of trucks, farm and construction equipment as well as enhanced copies of official LEGO sets. Be sure to check the Menck 156 shovel and the Liebherr 752 dozer.
Trucks and other Equipment - By Richard Hubley. Richard has built a nice 1/13 scale International Eagle tractor. Specialized in trucks, both American and European models can be seen here.
BrickinItalia - By Cristian Sala. Cristian is specialized in Technic fig scale models of construction equipment. Most of which feature remote controlled functions.
Technic Brick Constructions - By Marinus. A Dutch LEGO Fan specialized in heavy shipyard cranes like the ones in service at his employer.

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