Mack - Australian Road Train Tractor

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Mack Road Train, picture 1


  • Steerable front axle
  • Both rear axles drive Caterpillar engine
  • Openable doors of the cab and the sleeper
  • Openable toolboxes on the frame and in the sleeper
  • Openable hood
  • Working trailer coupling
  • Fully detailed interior
  • Suspended seats for driver and passenger

Introduction - Chassis - Cab and Sleeper - Trailer Coupling - Engine
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Mack Road Train, picture 2

This is my first large scale truck model. It is a Mack, equipped as an Australian Road Train tractor.
I don't know the exact model name of this truck because I've built it after a 1 / 24 scale plastic model which is called "Black Thunder". So I had to figure out myself the make of the truck.
Because I could take the measurements from the small model it should be in the right proportions and in about 1 / 13 scale.
First I wanted to build a trailer too but I had not enough parts and lack of space in my room. And because this model is a Road Train tractor I would have to build more than one trailer.

Mack Road Train, picture 3Mack Road Train, picture 4Mack Road Train, picture 5

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Mack Road Train, picture 6

The chassis is made as a ladder frame which means that there are two beams which are connected together by several crossbeams. The beams in my model are about 80' long and the width is just 1'. I thought this was strong enough but I had to reinforce it by adding plates on top of and below the beams to carry the weight of the cab.
Attached to the chassis are two fuel tanks, two batteryboxes and some air tanks. The trailer coupling is attached to the chassis as well as the engine.

Mack Road Train, picture 7Mack Road Train, picture 8

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Cab and Sleeper

Mack Road Train, picture 9

The model features a fully detailed cab with a sleeper.
There is a bed and a locker as well as a tv to make life in the sleeper as comfortable as possible. The roof of the sleeper can be took away to have a look at the inside.
The drivers cab features seat suspension for the driver and the passenger. The steering wheel moves over a threaded gear and a bar linkage the wheels.
On the roof of the cab are additional lights, two horns and an air conditioner.
All doors can be opened - the drivers and the passengers as well as the sleepers one. On the left side of the sleeper, there's a toolbox which contains a jack and some tools.

Mack Road Train, picture 10Mack Road Train, picture 11
Mack Road Train, picture 12Mack Road Train, picture 13

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Trailer Coupling

Mack Road Train, picture 14

There's a "fifth wheel" on the tractor which works like in real. It is possible to move it forward and backwards on the frame to use it for different trailer settings. A lever is used to open and close the coupling. Behind the sleeper are air hoses to connect the trailers brake system to the tractor.

Building instructions for the coupling

Click on the rendered image to go to the building instructions for the trailer coupling.

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Mack Road Train, picture 16

The Mack is "driven" by a Caterpillar six cylinder engine which is of course located under the openable hood. Unfortunately I've built it a bit too small. Connected to the engine is the gearbox.
When moving the model, the two axles will drive with their differential gears the fan of the engine which is located in the radiator.
On the left and the right side of the hood are air filters with high air intake pipes to get the air above the dust of the road. The filtered air is then used by the turbo compressor which is located on the right side of the engine.
The openable hood features a stopping mechanism to restrict the tilt angle.

Mack Road Train, picture 17Mack Road Train, picture 18

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