Mobile Crane #1

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Mobile Crane #1, picture 1


  • First 3 axles steerable
  • Left and right supports extendable separately
  • Revolving upper structure
  • Boom liftable and extendable
  • Double pulley for hook
  • Openable toolboxes on the chassis structure

This is my first model of a mobile crane. It already features many functions (see above), but not all of them are working very well because of the heavy weight of the upper structure and the weakness of the official LEGO turntables.

Mobile Crane #1, picture 2

On the picture on the right you can see the open toolbox on top of the chassis. Next to the crane's control cabin on the upper structure, there's the reel with the cord for the boom extending.
The lifting of the boom is operated with the aid of a double pulley which is attached to the boom and to a triangular structure which itself is mounted on top of the counter weight. As counter weight I use some heavy metal parts.
The picture below shows the whole crane.

Mobile Crane #1, picture 3

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