Four-axle Mobile Crane with Two-stage Telescopic Boom - First Try

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Mobile Crane #2, picture 1


  • First 2 axles steerable by the rotating flashlights
  • Left and right supports similar to those in official model 8854 (Pneumatic crane)
  • Revolving upper structure
  • Boom liftable and extendable
  • Double pulley for hook

The second model of a mobile crane is completely different to the first one. Now it has only four axles but with bigger wheels. Boom lifting works with a second smaller boom (grey) which itself is lifted by a pulley. This additional boom is mounted below the main boom. When lifting it, it glides on rails which are mounted on the sides of the main boom.
The telescope is extended by a gear, driving a gear rack on top of it.

Mobile Crane #2, picture 2

The pic on the right shows the crane in working mode with fully extended boom.
The battery box on the hook contains no batteries because they would be too heavy to lift with that crane. The supports are strong enough to lift the model off the ground, so that the wheels don't have to carry the weight. I copied this system from the official model 8854 (Pneumatic crane).

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