My Models

Mining Equipment

The MountaineerThe famous stripping shovel Marion 5760, The Mountaineer.
Bucyrus Erie 1050BA Bucyrus Erie 1050B stripping shovel from 1941.
Bucyrus 495HFA Bucyrus 495HF mining rope shovel.
Liebherr T 282One of the worlds largest mining trucks, the Liebherr T 282.
Caterpillar D8A Caterpillar D8 dozer with cable operated blade.

Construction Equipment

Liebherr A 314A Pneumatic powered Liebherr A 314 Litronic Mobile Excavator.


Liebherr LR 11200A Liebherr LR 11200 crawler crane with a height over 2.1 m = 7'.

Road Transportation

Mercedes-Benz SK 3550A Mercedes-Benz / NAW SK 3550 8x4/4 with modular platform trailer.
Mack Road TrainMy first large scale truck. It's a Mack, equipped as an Australian Road Train tractor.


Lockheed HC-130H HerculesThe Lockheed HC-130H Hercules No. 1711 of the United States Coast Guard.


EMD F7A Mount Newman MiningA General Motors EMD F7A Diesel-electric locomotive of Mount Newman Mining Company.
Arched Truss BridgeAn arched truss bridge for two-track operation, spanning nearly 1.5 m.

Early Models

P&H 4100 TSA Harnischfeger P&H 4100 TS mining rope shovel.
Mining ShovelMy first model of a mining rope shovel.
Crawler CraneA crawler crane with a lattice boom. Height over 1.9 m = 6'3''.
Mobile Crane 3A four-axle mobile crane with two-stage telescopic boom.
Mobile Crane 2A four-axle mobile crane with two-stage telescopic boom - first try.
Mobile Crane 1My first real working model of a mobile crane.
Kalmar DC 42-1200A model of a Kalmar DC 42-1200 fork lift truck.
Boomlift TruckModel of a truck with a boomlift trailer.
Barcode TruckA mixture between the 8479 Barcode Truck and the 8868 Compressor Truck.
Crawler TractorAn agricultural tractor on tracks with a grain trailer.
Space ShuttleThe American Space Shuttle with tank and boosters as well as a carrier.
DragsterA fun model of a dragster.
Crocodile LocomotiveA Swiss Crocodile locomotive in blue instead of green or brown.
Dutch Trading ShipModel of an antique Dutch trading ship.

More to come in the future...