News on this Site

27/07/2014The pictures of my creations now also on Flickr! Check my photo stream to leave your comments or fave my models.
21/12/2012New model: Lockheed HC-130H Hercules No. 1711 United States Coast Guard.
Updated Links page.
Slight site overhaul.
06/11/2011Updated Links page.
19/12/2009New model: Arched Truss Bridge.
Added a link to the site of a Dutch crane builder.
17/02/2008Updated Links page.
02/02/2008New model: Liebherr A 314 Litronic Mobile Excavator.
29/04/2007Updated the Bauma picture page with impressions from this years edition of the worlds largest construction and mining equipment trade fair which takes place every three years in Munich, Germany.
06/04/2007Engineering with ABS is featured on Bucyrus Canada's homepage, a subsidiary of Bucyrus International, the manufacturer of the real 495HF Mining Shovel. (Added 06.11.2011: Bucyrus has been taken over by Caterpillar.)
New model: General Motors EMD F7A Mount Newman Mining Company.
New pictures on the Mercedes-Benz / NAW SK 3550 page.
Updated Links page.
07/06/2005New model: Bucyrus 495HF Mining Shovel. For the first time, a video of one of my creations can be downloaded!
New model: Mercedes-Benz / NAW SK 3550 8x4/4 with Modular Platform Trailer.
Added new links to the homepages of other LEGO fans.
Slightly changed the overall site layout to increase readability and highlight the newer creations.
22/05/2004New model: Liebherr T 282 Mining Truck.
16/05/2004Updated Links page.
13/01/2004Updated Links page.
01/01/2004New and easy to remember url "" - please update your bookmarks and link pages.
My contact address has also changed.
05/09/2003Changed color scheme to increase readability.
15/08/2003New model: Marion 5760 The Mountaineer.
New model: Caterpillar D8 with Cable Operated Blade.
Added a new section to the Building Hints page - Sliding Doors.
Updated general layout to increase readability of the homepage.
30/09/2002Added new links to other other interesting places out there - check them!
23/04/2002Added a new section to the Building Hints page - a second version of a large turntable.
25/03/2002Updated Links page.
13/02/2002Updated Links page.
07/01/2002New model: Liebherr LR 11200 Crawler Crane.
28/11/2001Added a new link to an interesting Non-LEGO related site. page.
01/10/2001Added new links to other LEGO enthusiast's sites.
20/08/2001New model: Bucyrus Erie 1050B Stripping Shovel.
This site was voted for Cool LEGO Site of the Week - August 19 to August 25 - Thank you!
01/07/2001Added "News on this Site" page.
25/06/2001Official launch of this site.