Mining Shovel

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Mining Shovel, picture 1


Six electrically controlled functions:

  • Left crawler forward - stop - backwards
  • Right crawler forward - stop - backwards
  • Revolution of upper structure
  • Lifting and lowering of the bucket
  • Variable digging radius by adjustable stick
  • Bottom dump mechanism of the bucket

This is my first model of a mining shovel. Although I have many pictures of such machines, this is not a model after a real existing shovel. The construction of the model makes it look mostly like a shovel from Harnischfeger P&H.

Mining Shovel, picture 2

The crawler chassis features two independently driven tracks for fully controlled motion in all directions. The motors for this are located below the turntable in the middle part of the chassis.

Mining Shovel, picture 3

Picture #3 shows some of the details of the shovel. I tried to add as many details as possible to make it look more realistic. There are for example railings around and on top of the machine house as well as ladders to make it possible to reach every service point. On the left side of the machine house there's a door which allows you to look at the mechanism inside. Lighting and dummys of motors which are used to lift the ladders at the left and right side make the model look more realistic.

Mining Shovel, picture 4

Picture #4 shows the construction of the bucket. It is lifted by two cords which run over a sort of wedge belt wheels. I used two wheels of the size 81.6 x 15 without tyres to realize this.
The bottom dump mechanism on the bucket is driven by a gear rack which is driven by two micromotors.
The whole bucket is attached to two sticks which are attached to the boom in about half of the lenght. Gear racks on the sticks allow it to vary the digging radius. The gear racks are driven by a motor which is located on the boom.

Mining Shovel, picture 5

The upper structure is connected to the chassis with a Technic turntable which is mounted upside down. This allows to place the motor for the revolving function in the machine house instead of the crawler chassis. Read more about turntables in my Building Hints section under turntables.
Picture #5 and #6 show the back end of the model. The round stuctures which are made of a radar dish and a Technic gear are fans to pump air in the machine house to cool the motors.

Mining Shovel, picture 6

The operators cab features air condition which is located on top of it. There's also floodlight to light the working area because these machines work nearly 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Normally they fill a dump truck in three to four passes with blasted ore or with coal.

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