Harnischfeger P&H 4100 TS Mining Shovel

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P&H 4100 TS, picture 1


Six electrically controlled functions:

  • Left crawler forward - stop - backwards
  • Right crawler forward - stop - backwards
  • Revolution of upper structure
  • Lifting and lowering of the bucket
  • Variable digging radius by adjustable stick
  • Bottom dump mechanism of the bucket

This model of a Harnischfeger P&H 4100 TS is my second model of a mining rope shovel. The original machine is produced in the US in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is used in tar sand applications in Canada. The TS model features 3.5 m wide crawler shoes to better distribute the heavy weight in the soft tar sand. It is a variant of the very succesful P&H 4100. My model features the same functions than the original.

P&H 4100 TS, picture 2

The functions of this model are the same as in my first mining shovel but the whole thing is slightly bigger.
Because I built this model in minifig scale, it features 10' wide crawler shoes to match the original 3.5 m. Each track is driven by a 9V motor.
The revolving mechanism now needs two motors to drive the heavy weight of the upper structure and also needs a heavier turntable. You can see the construction of this turntables in my Building Hints section under turntables.

P&H 4100 TS, picture 3

On picture #3 you can see the bucket. This time I use just one micromotor to open the bottom dump mechanism. A rubber band holds the bucket closed until a cord, driven by the micromotor forces it to open. This works well as long as there is nothing in the bucket. But this is not a real problem because I don't use the model to dig in my garden.
There are a lot of details such as railings and ladders all around the machine to safely reach every service point. The machine house features six doors through which you can see the drums and motors inside.
There are two motors for the hoist drum, two for the revolving mechanism, one for the stick adjustment, two for the crawlers and the micromotor for the bucket. This equals eight motors which are powered by a batterybox and which are controlled by six pole reversers.

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