Space Shuttle

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Space Shuttle, picture 1


  • Boosters and tank
  • Transport and launch platform

This model of the American Space Shuttle is a standalone model. It has no movable parts or other interesting features. I tried to build it as realistic as possible.

Space Shuttle, picture 2

The Shuttle and the boosters are attached to the tank. When launching it to space both the shuttles rocket engines and the boosters drive it. After a time the boosters are released and fall back to earth. The tank will be released too when it is empty.
The original Shuttle stands on a launch and transport platform which is moved to the launch site by a heavy duty crawler carrier. This crawler carrier was built by the Marion Power Shovel Company which was purchased some years ago by the Bucyrus International Corporation which manufactures mining equipment.
I tried to build the carrier too, but at this time I didn't have enough crawler links to build it so I used wheels.

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