Antique Dutch Trading Ship

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Dutch Trading Ship, picture 1


  • Two anchors which can be lifted by a winch
  • Eight cannons
  • Working rudder
  • Boat which can be lowered with a pulley

This is my last and most realistic model of a series of sailing ships. It is the first in which I built the underwater part too. So it couldn't be used as a play with ship for minifigs. It is instead a standalone model of an antique Dutch trading ship.

Dutch Trading Ship, picture 2

There are eight cannons for self defence. Four on the main deck and another four on the cannon deck below the main deck.
There are four decks in total: the freight deck, the cannon deck, the main deck and the command deck. An opening in the main and the cannon deck lead to the freight rooms in the belly of the ship. It can be loaded by a crane which is mounted on the first mast.
The rudder can be moved from the cannon and the command deck by pulleys.
A boat on the port side of the ship can be lowered to the water with the help of a pulley.

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