Heavy Duty Turntable

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Here are the building instructions for the heavy duty turntable, featured in the building hints section.
I made it in LDraw format to easily exchange it. So feel free and go to the Download section to get the *.mpd file or a *.zip file containing all the images.

Turntable, step 1Turntable, step 2Turntable, step 3
Turntable, step 4Turntable, step 5Turntable, step 6
Turntable, step 7Turntable, step 8Turntable, step 9
Turntable, step 10Turntable, step 11Turntable, step 12
Turntable, step 13Turntable, step 14Turntable, step 15
Turntable, step 16Turntable, step 17Turntable, step 18
Turntable, step 19Turntable, step 20Turntable, step 21
Turntable, step 22Turntable, step 23Turntable, step 24
Turntable, step 25Turntable, step 26Turntable, step 27
Turntable, step 28Turntable, step 29Turntable, step 30
Turntable, step 31

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